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Regards the backswing, as you've written about issues with front shoulder to chin and degree of rotation/ over rotation...

I read in one of the (many) golf teaching tips of the right handed pro who before each swing takes his right hand off, makes a fist, puts it under his left elbow and takes the left arm back away from the ball/address position. The position sought/obtained is left arm extended straight back from ball arm perpendicular to ground, right fist under left elbow. Now place right hand on grip. Return club to address, swing away. This drill, pre swing routine has begun to pay dividend in reducing the slice, produced by over rotation in the backswing, which is followed by downswing casting producing the outside in shaft.

Regards stance and keeping weight shift where and when you want it. I supinate when I run, I wear out the outside of my heals on running shoes. Bad news for me on golf as my flat stance has had weight on the wrong side of the shoe and in backswing....I'm behind. In my gym work, I've started to use the half yoga ball half flat platform. It's a balance ball, I stand with a golf stand and begin swinging my arms, get my hands together mimic a golf grip. After I couple times, my balance improved and then I'll go to one foot balancing. I've begun to have my weight centered.

Lastly, of significant help I've listened to the pod cast "The Sweet Spot." Two sessions have been particularly helpful with mental training, one was in two parts regards playing your best golf in 2023, the other was with an author of gambling and trading books but also now works with golfers. I've written too much above to summarize these two contributors but I highly recommend. My wife and I have driven from Oregon to Florida and on the long stretches of road (particularly Texas) these podcasts have been great for helping me understand the thinking / mental side of golf and how to shape that part of me and my game.

Best of Luck


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Thanks Russ, I listened to the 2023 goals podcast by them and need to go back further in their library they were a recent ad, awesome to hear the endorsement.

Thanks for the tip, going to go into the garage today and work on that!

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