Wrist hinge.....
Let's play with some pressure and see what happens
In between lesson 4 and lesson 5, I played a few rounds of golf and felt like even by minimizing my weight shift backward and implementing my full turn…
Moving that weight
Let's track my progress
Today is the first day of posting season in Oregon. Frankly, with our weather, it doesn’t feel like it. Between 10 inches of snow, heavy rain, and low…

February 2023

I have an over-the-top swing. My attack angle to the ball was over a negative ten on the trackman, which is not good, borderline horrific. While there…
Back to lessons and back to the beginning, the setup.
After getting dumped by my last coach I reach back out
I'll never be a medium shirt... so I should take where I can be a medium when I can
Holding myself accountable one horrible shot at a time.

January 2023

To track or not to track is the question